In today’s scenario, dropping your body fat has become a competition rather than genuinely wanting to be healthy. It takes a lot of factors in consideration to drop body fat and this always happens gradually. To reach your goals, you need to have patience, belief and consistency all at the same time. To have a long-lasting effect of your hard work on reducing body fat, you need to be very careful about the diet you follow and the quality of physical exercise you do.

Many advertisements lure you towards fastening the process of dropping your body fat by advising you with different formulations of supplements and nutrition’s. Those may show quick results in few cases, but that will only drain your pockets and you will find yourself standing at square one to start over your fat loss journey again by buying those products. Instead, you need to gradually set your goals on what you eat and how you maintain your daily physical exercises.

Keep few things in your mind while you are on your journey towards a healthy drop in your body fat, they are as follows;

Through Diet

  1. Intermittent fasting: You do not consume food for certain period of time, this can be done every day or few times a week. This will limit your calorie intake to a greater extent.
  2. Drink plenty water: This alone may not help; you need to drink a lot of water to aid in the fat losing process. It removes maximum toxins from our system and doesn’t lead you to eat a lot. Women should target for 3 liters and men for 4 a day.
  3. Protein & Fibers: Intake of these should be increased as body prefers to burn carbohydrates and fats already present in your body rather than acting upon proteins and fibers that you regularly consume and, in this manner, this will help in reduction of body fat already residing in you. Protein helps you build muscle and fiber keeps you full so that you eat less in a day.
  4. Need good fat: No fat diet will lead to deficiencies in your health. You need to consider omega-3s, unsaturated, and omega-6s fats for a balanced diet. Keep away from the frozen fats, packed fats and fats that are solid at room temperature.
  5. Carbohydrate consumption plan: completely removing this from your diet is scary, as they provide you with the energy. What best can be done is, you can have low carbohydrate days, consume complex carbohydrate prior to 6pm and simple ones should be consumed only after workouts.

Additional tips: Stop consuming processed food and also read the labels of whatever eatables you are about to consume. Keep a check on that extra amount of calorie that may disrupt your plan.

Through exercise

Only diet won’t help you in anyways until your body is in some consistent actions to aid in fat burn.

  1. Cardio: whatever makes your heart pound is the thing you need to do for a cardio which includes skipping, swimming, running, dancing, boxing etc. This alone will contribute in maximum fat burn if followed regularly.
  2. HIIT: This is in trend now; all you have to do is intensely workout for some time and slow down for a bit and still workout rather than completely taking a break. There’s no hard and fast rule for this. This would help you reduce your fat sooner. You can reach your goal in less duration
  3. Plan your workouts: Everyone have different perceptions on which workout should be done in empty stomach and the chronology of following up with different workouts if you are doing different types at a time. There’s no such thing, this depends per individual. Do what suits you best and which doesn’t strain your body way too much.
  4. Don’t forget to rest: If you rest in a while, it won’t affect your consistency in any ways. Let your body heal for some time and again start training it as usual. If you keep doing high intensity workout without giving a break, it may lead to several scary scenarios which i hope you don’t want to see yourself in.

In your lifestyle

Maintaining lifestyle also plays a crucial role in aiding fat reduction. Try to change your lifestyle and see the changes it brings.

  1. Enough sleep: Sleeping for 7-8 hrs. will help you lose more fat than depriving yourself of sleep. People who sleep less end up feeling hungry all the time. The hormone ghrelin triggers appetite if you are sleep deprived. So, make sure you get enough sleep.
  2. Coffee before you work out: Our levels of epinephrine are raised by caffeine, according to studies, which also activates the neurological system. Our bodies receive signals from this epinephrine to begin breaking down fat tissue, which causes an adrenaline spike. Following that, the fatty acids are free to be released and consumed by our blood. Consider consuming a cup of coffee before working out to see if it helps you.
  3. Say no to crash diets: Any activity that has a goal is simply unhealthy if it has one. If it’s not sustainable, it’s probably not that wonderful, whether you’re fasting, drinking only juice, or even eliminating one food type. The long-term effects screw with your metabolism and ultimately mess you up, even if you can first see some serious improvements. Consequently, stay away from them. Maintain your health and prevent them.

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