How can we use sky element to live a healthy life

How can we use sky element to live a healthy life?

What is sky element?

According to Ayurveda, universe was created with five elements: Earth, water, fire,air and sky and so our bodies was created by these elements too. If there is a disbalance in the combination of these elements in our body, different type of mental and physical diseases arise in our body and if all these five elements are balanced then our body is healthy. Naturopathy, considering these five elements as the basis of our body, treats and heals our body accordingly.

A way to include sky element in daily life

Fasting is an important part of naturopathy, which is described in ancient texts. In naturopathy, fasting is used as an infallible medicine, that is, when the disease continues to progress, control is achieved through fasting.
Fasting is a powerful means of making health on a physical and mental level. Through this, vitality is developed and health and well-being are attained. In view of the importance of fasting, fasting has been linked with religion and the tradition of fasting has been put on Ekadashi, Poornima, Amavasya as well as Janmashtami and other special festivals.

Types of fasting

Various types of fasting have been described in naturopathy. But today we will see some basic and easily adoptable fasts-
1. Rasopavas: It is forbidden to take solid substances (food grains or vegetables, fruits) during Rasopavas. In this, only the juice of fruits, vegetables etc. is taken. Milk is forbidden because complete diet is found in it. Enema is taken continuously under Rasopavas because the body continues to be cleaned.

2. Phalopwas: Fruits and vegetables are taken in Phalopwas. In this fast, fruits should be taken according to one’s desire and physical compatibility, because taking opposite fruits or vegetables leads to indigestion. If there is indigestion, then enema can also be taken in between. This fast is very beneficial in bloody piles. In 21 days it gets exhausted from the root.

3. Dugdhdopavas: Milk is consumed in this. It is also called dugdha(milk) kalpa. Milk is consumed four to five times a day for a few days. It is considered best if the milk is from the cow. And the cow should be healthy. This fasting is very beneficial.

4. Mathopavas: Buttermilk(mattha) is taken during this fast. If the digestive system is weak, then instead of milk fasting, it is appropriate to do Mathapavas. The whey (mattha) that is used should be ghee-free and less sour. This fasting helps in making the body clean and healthy.

5.No Breakfast fasting: This morning fast is the simplest of the fasts. In this only breakfast is left in the morning. Normal meals are served during the day and night. In English, this fast is called No Breakfast fasting.

Benefits of fasting

  • By fasting all the systems become clean, pure, and functional.
  • Digestive juices are regular.
  • The secretion of hormones is regular.
  • Unnecessary fat decreases in the body, which reduces obesity and laziness, heaviness, and other defects are removed.
  • The whole body is cleansed which gives the body aura, radiance, and shine.
  • The qualities of lightness, enthusiasm, zeal, etc. develop in the body.
  • Disease resistance develops.
  • The vitality increases and mental peace is attained.
  • Mental illness goes away.

Fasting is the easiest and most effective way to be healthy. . By fasting your sky element will be balanced. It gives your body time to relax, rewind and resume which is great if you want your body to work efficiently.

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