What is Consistency? How does it affect your fitness goal’s?

A lot of us feel that if we are giving our best, and only for a month, why are we not able to see the changes?

Are we doing something wrong?
Are we not following a proper diet or a workout routine?

Do we normally tend to get disappointed and then maybe stop working out?

How does consistency work in your favour?

Time plays a huge importance in your fitness journey because when we feel like quitting or we don’t see that change in the mirror is exactly when we need to keep going and need to keep pushing.

We understand this is all preach talk, but believe us when we say this, a normal body transformation takes almost 6 to 8 months to even see a small significant change in the body.

You need to wake up and go to the gym and even if you work out for 30 mins but it is for a consistent period of time, we promise you are going to see a significant change in your physique.
That is how consistency plays a role in your physique because when you keep putting pressure on your body it will grow.

Is there a time limit for growth?

Honestly speaking, everybody is different and we try to follow the same cliché diet which is given online, thinking the same can work for everyone.
If that was the case, everyone would’ve been in the best shape of their lives without the help of a trainer or a nutritionist.

Keeping in mind the results can alter and very depending on your diet, your workout session and how effectively are you doing these things.

Consistency will aways work in the favour but if you’re going for a year to the gym and doing something which is not going to help or you’re going just for the sake of it then no matter what you do, it’ll be years before you see any change in your body.

What can I do to get effective change faster?

Try and set a routine or a workout chart:
Let’s say you go with

Monday: Back
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Quadriceps and Abs
Thursday: Hamstrings and Calves
Friday: Shoulder and Arms
Saturday: Active Cardio
Sunday: Rest

Giving yourself a routine would also help in your game of consistency, a lot times we tend to be inconsistent at the gym because we do not know what to do or how this works.

Have you felt the same way? You enter the gym and then you decide what to do and that whole feeling is so dreading that you do a half assed workout and then back home demotivated?

Consistency and Motivation

Consistency and motivation go hand in hand. Your body will tend to give results if you are consistent and when the results kick in, it will motivate you enough to go to the gym.


This is something we have been hearing since a long time that being consistent means we have to go to the gym all year round.

When we say be consistent that means you can work out 4 days a week and still have an amazing body but you need to make sure those 4 days you are giving everything you got.

End point: All you have to do is make up your mind and just try and put it as a habit, it is said if you do something for 21 days regularly, it will become a habit for you.

All the best
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